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8 Facts you really do know as a divorced single

When one gets married, he or she does not think of the fact that, one day, the marriage will end. This probably happened in your case as well, a proof that divorces do happen, in approximately half of today’s marriages, regardless if you used an online dating service in India or you met your spouse in a more traditional manner. But, the divorce, like everything else in this life, will give us precious lessons to learn. Most probably you already know these lessons, but forgotten about them, so here is a reminder.

  1. Healing will happen, although it will take some time

No matter how impossible it seems at first, you will be able to heal. Yes, you will need to go through grief, and pain, and disappointment, but time will solve everything.

  1. When you hold onto something that doesn’t exist, it will only extend your sufferance

It really makes no sense holding on to something that ended and has no chance of being recovered because doing so will only make your life more miserable. Let’s say you’re using an online dating app in India and meet someone you end up liking. Well, you will have to prove to this person that your past is not affecting you anymore and that you are ready to start a new chapter.

  1. Almost every relationship has its own rewards and risks

Everything in this life has a positive side and a negative side, represented by rewards and risks. So, yes, there are relationships in which the risks are greater, but that doesn’t mean that every relationship will be the same. Once you find the right person for you, the rewards will be far greater than the risks.

  1. An unsuccessful relationship will make you more prepared for meeting your true love

Once time passes and we are able to think about our former relationship in a more objective manner, we will be able to see just how many things we missed and how many went wrong while being involved in that relationship. So, when we will finally find a healthy relationship, we will know how to appreciate it better.

  1. A failure is a push forward, not a punishment

Failing at having a relationship doesn’t mean that fate is against you. It is just another lesson you have to learn in order to become a better version of you.

  1. It takes a lifetime when it comes to personal development

While some people rush into a new relationship after a breakup, it is recommended to take some time on your own, to discover yourself more, to see what went wrong, to realize what you want in life, and how to improve those sides of you that are not that great.

  1. Be grateful for what you have and the pain will go away

Your soul may be bitter and sad after a divorce, this is why practicing gratitude will help you improve your state. Be grateful for your health, for your family, friends, job, and anything else you may consider relevant, and your life will change for better.

  1. It takes a good dose of courage to start dating once again

It does take quite a lot of courage to start dating after a major disappointment because we all feel afraid of getting hurt again. But, we need to make this step as most probably we won’t want to spend the rest of our lives alone. If you feel ready but don’t know how to get started, finding the best dating app in India may help you meet new people comfortably and easy, so you can start dating again. is an Online Dating App in India that allows you to play a game and choose a person you want to talk to. Gaming service in India and already launched for the iOS & Android users.