Being Single In Your 30s Can Actually Be A Great Thing

Being single in your 30s can actually be a great thing

If there is a trend concerning marriages these days is that people stopped rushing into them. Both men and women tend to focus more on their lives and careers first, rather than just getting married at young ages. Thus, the result is a higher number of singles in their 30s. Still, there are many people that believe the biologic clock ticks faster once you reached the age of 30, making you think that you should have been married with children by now, and the fact that you’re not may indicate a problem. Well, instead of panicking when hearing such opinions, do know that being single and in the 30s can actually be a great thing, try our app EverAfterAPP for singles so others may envy you for it without admitting it is true. Just take a look below and you’ll know what we mean. Dating Apps in India are also the best alternatives for you to consider.

  • You finally reached a point where you know who you really are

You never feel more complete and more aware of who you are until you manage to reach your 30s. During our teen years, all of us are trying to figure out who we are and what we want in life, so it can be a bad timing to get married, since we may discover other things we would have liked to do once we become more mature. All the relationships and experiences you had so far have helped you to know exactly where you stand, what you like and dislike, what you want for your life, and to accept you for who you are.

  • You’re in control of your financial situation

By now, you probably have a good steady job that is giving you some degree of financial security. It is much better than when you were in your teen years, when it was quite challenging to buy a pizza or have the money needed to buy that pair of shoes you wanted. All those worries are now gone, because you now managed to find ways to save money, pay your bills, keep your credit under control, and enjoy the things you want and like.

  • The number of divorcees available is quite comforting

If you are scared that you won’t find anyone available in the 30s, think twice. While it is not nice to be happy that divorces take place, there is quite a high number of people that are getting a divorce when reaching the 30s, because they realized as mentioned earlier that getting married at a young age was not exactly what they wanted or they discovered that their partner is not as suitable as they initially saw. Also, dating divorcees means less games, because they also know what works and what doesn’t in their case, so you will rapidly get to the point where you decide whether it is worth continuing the relationship or not.

  • Panicky parents is better at this point

While you may not see anything positive in parents that are panicking about your future, due to the fact that you are not settled just yet, just take the time to read this. Remember back in the day when it was hard to find someone suitable enough for you, from the perspective of your parents? Well, together with your priorities and perspective over life, theirs have changed as well in time. Now they just want to see you happy, which means that their standards will align with yours when it comes to choosing partners, if this means higher chances for you to get married and give them some grandchildren.

  • You have the freedom many only dream about

Yes, you may have many married with children friends that will tell you how rewarding it is to have a family blesses with a couple of young ones. Well, this reward does come with a price. No more late brunches, toys and Lego pieces scattered throughout the house, torturing their feet soles each time they step on them; no more movie marathons, staying up until late and sleeping in, spontaneous weekend escapades, long showers, and the list may continue. So, really, is it that bad to be single in the 30s? Apparently it is not bad at all. Our App helps you to find a closest match. Download the EverAfterApp today from the App Store is an Online Dating App in India that allows you to play game and choose a person you want to talk to. Gaming service in India and already launched for the iOS users. Download the app now Click Here.