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How and when to break up with someone you still love

No matter how many reasons you found to justify breaking up with someone, it is never something that can be done with ease, especially when feelings are involved. Even if you used an online dating mobile app or not for meeting your current partner, you feel that your moments of happiness together have come to an end. So, how to break up with someone you still love and when to do it? No one is questioning your decision because if you feel that this is the best thing for you at the moment, you should go for it. The following advice may help you out so you can make this process a tad easier and smoother for the both of you.

If you are wondering when it is the best time to break up with someone, you should know that when you two want different things, when you don’t feel the need to be close to the other, then it is the moment to put an end to your relationship. It doesn’t matter how you met or if an online dating app in India was involved, the point is that you don’t see a future for your relationship anymore. No gaming app will save you this time, if something in your heart, mind, and soul says that the relationship you have now will not lead to anywhere, at least not where you want. If what you are having does not seem right anymore, you should definitely get out, so stop inventing any excuses to stay. You need to protect your heart if you plan to love again in the future.

How do you know if breaking up is indeed the best decision? Well, what is your gut telling you? If you constantly think about the end of your relationship, if you have visions of your life in the future that do not include your current partner, or if you feel that walking out if best for you, then you should do it. You should never accept doing something you’re not comfortable with, for the sake of the other. Yes, it may sound selfish, but your happiness counts as well. So, in the end, how to break up with someone? You will have to be very careful and be diplomatic about it while standing your ground. You should definitely be ready to meet some resistance from your partner, who will try his or her best to make you change your mind. But if you know for sure that this is what you want, you should not save it. It is going to be a hurtful process for both of you, but you will be fine after a while. You are not the first and last that have to face a breakup.

You may need time to heal and put your thoughts in order, starting on the path you think it’s best in your case. When you will feel ready to meet new people and see if you can enjoy a better relationship, there is always a free online dating app that can help you out. is an Online Dating cum gaming service in India and already launched for the iOS users. Download the app now Click Here.