11 Of The Most Misunderstood Signs When Dating

11 of the Most Misunderstood Signs when Dating

Most people tend to over-think and make all kinds of false assumptions when dating, due to the fact that they spent so much time trying to picture their ideal case scenario. Well, in real life, things are far from being ideal or to follow a particular pattern, so doing so will only put a lot of strain on your love life. This will also lead to searching for signs that will tell you whether the person you are dating is right for you or not. While this is not bad, over-thinking these signs may get you in trouble, ruining your dating game. Here are the most commonly misunderstood signs when two people are dating.

1. Your date has a very friendly attitude, making you think that they are into you

A very friendly person doesn’t mean that the person has the hots for you because that’s just the way that person might be, your person not being the reason behind their behaviour.

2. Your date is behaving like robot, making you consider that the person doesn’t like you

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A robotic behaviour is an indicator of nervousness or a formal attitude, which are not a bad sign. This person is too worried to make things right. So make sure whom you are dating through free online dating app.

3. Your date is an emotional one and gives you too many details right from the start, making him or she look like an unstable person

When a person behaves this way, he or she may feel comfortable in your presence. But before drawing any conclusion, do get to know this person better.

4. Your date enjoys a good game of hard to get, which will make you think that the person is not interested

Some may try to see if you are really into them and are ready to work to get their attention. So do be patient and see if this leads anywhere or the person is really not interested.

5. Because you enjoy a good emotional connection, you may consider that you passed the “just friend” phase


Having a great emotional connection with a person doesn’t mean that you can also start a romantic relationship together. Look for serious signs of attractive through his chatting style with the help of online dating app in India or meeting before you assume that you have something going.

6. Even if your date told you that he or she is not looking for something serious, the fact that you spend a lot of time together makes you think the opposite

If someone says to you out loud that he or she is not interested in a serious relationship and their behaviour indicates the same, this is, unfortunately, the truth.

7. Having sex on the first date means for you the possibility of a long-term relationship


So, you got carried away and had sex on your first date. Well, this doesn’t mean that you two will form a solid couple from now on. It may have been just a physical attraction on the moment, so don’t assume that you are more than friends, until something proves the opposite.

8. You keep being pushed away by your girlfriend, considering that she is mad, for who knows what reason, and may be looking for some time alone

When a woman does something like this, she actually wants the opposite. Give her a hug and encourage her to talk to you about what is bothering her.

9. Although you receive messages in a consistent manner from your date, he or she never has time for you to meet, so you simply assume that they have a busy schedule

Texts and phone calls are not enough for a serious relationship. If that person was really into you, he or she would have found the time to see you and spend it in your company.

10. After a few months of relationship, the number of calls and messages from your date will start to drop, which will make you think that their interests dropped as well


If the number of calls and messages drop after a few months of the relationship, it doesn’t mean that your partner is not interested in your anymore. He or she feel secure enough in this relationship so need to call you or send you messages all the time will not be that justified anymore.

11. You think that your date is the One, just because your relationship is going great in the past couple of months and you talked about your feelings, although you haven’t talked about exclusivity

It’s great that everything worked out just fine until not, but that doesn’t mean you can assume that he or she is the one. Keeping an open line of communication and be honest with each other, if you want to enjoy a long-term relationship.

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