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Texting and its Popularity Changed the way People Date

According to the way, times changed and evolved, so did our way of dating or online dating and meeting new people. First came the letter, then came the computer and e-mailing, and now, together with the widespread of mobile phones, texting is reshaping the way we date. More or less, each of us is texting. But, in what degree did texting change dating? Is a positive or negative change? You may be surprised at what you are about to find out.

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1. What happened when we want to ask someone out?

Online Dating

You see, not all people have the nerve to call someone and directly ask that person out. Many people may dream about a date with a particular person, but they find it hard to call or ask it face to face, because they may be shy, emotional, or nervous. Texting and online dating mobile app made this extremely easy, as most people launch their date invitation via text message. A good percentage of people, which is approximately 37%, asked their dates out with the help of a simple message or free online dating app, instead of calling them. Also, texting helped women feel more confident and make the first step towards a date, being the ones to initiate a conversation that could lead to a potential date, behind the safety of their device’s screen.

2. The cell phone is a “no no” at the date

No matter how useful the cell phone is prior to the date or to get the date itself, it is a must to put the phone away during the date. Be aware that it is a total lack of respect to fidget with your phone while on a date, instead of paying the right amount of attention to your date. If you text, talk on the phone or check your social media profile while on a date, don’t be surprised if your date will not answer your calls or messages anymore. Put the phone away and even silent it, so you can enjoy a peaceful and successful date.

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3. Even breakup texts evolved

Online Dating

Announcing your partner that you want to break up with him or her is probably the part most people want to avoid as much as possible. Either you are afraid of your partner’s reaction or you don’t want to deal with that person’s broken feelings or facial expression, texting made things a bit less complicated. It appears that in the US, 1 out of 6 people ended up breaking up with something via text message, online message, or e-mail.

So, the written form of saying goodbye is rather preferred by a significant number of people. You will be surprised to see that, once again, women are the ones using this method more than men. About 25% of women used texting to break up with their partners, in comparison with 15% of men that chose the same method. While sending a text message to a person you just had a few dates with, to let him or she know that things are not working out for you, is an okay method, doing the same with someone you dated for a while is definitely a choice for exiting the back door swiftly. is an Online Dating cum gaming service in India and already launched for the iOS users. Download the app now Click Here.