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Things That Happen In College Movies But Never Happen In Real Life

Many young people have rather high expectations when it comes to going to college, imagining that their entire life will change from that moment on. If you have seen some college movies, then you must know what we are talking about. Unfortunately, those movies have nothing to do with reality. College life will hit you hard if you keep fantasizing about the things you saw in movies. Would you like to know what usually never happens in real life? Here are a few things presented by college movies that are not going to happen.

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1. Arriving at college in a gorgeous car

Dreaming about arriving in college in a nice fancy car? Well, you’d better forget all about it, unless you won the lottery. The car you will afford will be far from having a shiny red paint and a convertible roof so does get used to this thought. At least you won’t make your friends jealous.

2. Finding your better half right from the start

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If you think that in the first day of college you will find your soul mate, you may want to know that you may graduate still as a single. Movies make this part look so easy, but, in real life, it is actually very hard to find a real partner. But you can find one on Indian dating app.

3. Managing to sweet-talk your teachers

Are you late and you’re thinking that sweet-talk will save you? You’re wrong again because college teachers will not accept any excuses and will not let you in no matter what you tell them.

4. There will be no background music

There will definitely not be any background music as you get through the gates of your college, nor when you’ll walk into your classroom, so you’d better deal with it.

5. Forget all about heels and mini-skirts

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Although it may seem shocking, but wearing short skirts and heels in college will not make you fashionable at all. But you’re about to gather than on your own.

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6. You’ll get to party if you can afford to buy drinks

Many young people think that college is all about partying, but you really have to afford to buy alcohol every weekend in order to do so. Thus, you will see that partying doesn’t come easy at all, at least not without funds.

7. No enemies on day one

Since you’re not going to find your better half on day one of college, nor will you befriend anyone for the rest of your life, you will definitely not meet your enemy.

8. No hot teachers either

We are very sorry to break it to you, but there are really no hot teachers in college. And even if your college may have one or two, they will definitely not try to lure you in.

9. The canteen is not a fancy restaurant

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Be prepared to eat at a canteen that is far from being a fancy restaurant. Old tables, broken chairs, and food that sometimes won’t look that delicious, they are all part of it.

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10. Going on trips on every weekend

So, we already mentioned that it is going to be difficult to the party, due to the lack of funds, so you can imagine what will happen with this fantasy. If you are lucky, you may be able to enjoy one trip during your college, for amazing memories.

11. No breathtaking houses or apartments

You won’t have a fancy lifestyle during your college either. If you’re looking to improve the place where you will stay by using ideas you found on Pinterest, do know that you will lack the time, money, and patients to get them done.

12. Certainly winning at annual competitions

Being the winner, for sure, of your college’s annual competition is indeed a far-stretched fantasy.

13. Teachers that actually care about your personal life

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All your college teachers will be interested when it comes to your person is how you’ll handle the internal exams. Apart from that, nobody cares about details from your personal life. is an Online Dating cum gaming service in India and already launched for the iOS users. Download the app now Click Here.